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Create your own Outdoor Cinema

Going to the movies on date night is a classic. If you want to amp up the game, try an outdoor cinema. It’s a whole different experience. While you enjoy the movie you can watch the stars. Or maybe even falling stars, check out our shooting star calendar here. If you want to be private.This outdoor cinema screen is for sale on Amazon.   Get your private outdoor...

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BBQ on location

BBQ-ing is always fun! Most people BBQ in their own backyard, because it’s practical. But in an original location is even more fun.  The beach or the park are good ideas, but be aware of starting a wildfire of course. But bring your big barbeque to these locations is not practical at al. So just get you one of these disposable BBQ sets. They are light weight and easy to get the fire going to heat the...

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Calligraphy on Wall

  You have a quote or text that is important to you? Consider putting it in calligraphy on your wall. Calligraphy on your Wall is an amazing way to stay reminded of the importance of the text when you go thru your day. This video is shot while Nathalie from Simbolik Bruges is at work.  She is a professional calligrapher that specialised in writing on walls....

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Shooting Star Calendar 2017

Want all your wishes come true? Then this calendar with shooting stars is your best bet. If you like looking at the stars (or meteor showers) you will want to put these dates in your agenda. This shooting star calendar  2017 gives you an overview when big meteors are passing along planet earth. In this 2017 meteor calendar, you can see all the principal meteor showers during the year.   Name TIME Orientation DATE Per hour Name Comet Quadrantid Predawn N Jan. 4 25 — Lyrid Predawn S Apr. 22 10 Thatcher Eta Aquarid Predawn SE May 4 10...

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Acro Yoga with your partner

Looking for a challenging activity to do at home? Acro yoga is a great way to connect with your partner.  You can go to a yoga studio, but if you are on a tight budget, there a lot of Youtube videos you can try to copy. Warning, Romantify is not responsible for any injuries due to your acrobatic over-confidence 😉 Our selection of the best acro yoga videos on...

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