Want all your wishes come true?

Then this calendar with shooting stars is your best bet.

If you like looking at the stars (or meteor showers) you will want to put these dates in your agenda.

This shooting star calendar  2017 gives you an overview when big meteors are passing along planet earth.

In this 2017 meteor calendar, you can see all the principal meteor showers during the year.


Name TIME Orientation DATE Per hour Name Comet
Quadrantid Predawn N Jan. 4 25
Lyrid Predawn S Apr. 22 10 Thatcher
Eta Aquarid Predawn SE May 4 10 Halley
Delta Aquarid Predawn S July 30 10
Perseid Predawn NE Aug. 11–13 50 Swift-Tuttle
Draconid Late evening NW Oct. 9 6 Giacobini-Zinner
Orionid Predawn S Oct. 21–22 15 Halley
Taurid Late evening S Nov. 9 3 Encke
Leonid Predawn S Nov. 17–18 10 Tempel-Tuttle
Andromedid Late evening S Nov. 25–27 5 Biela
Geminid All night NE Dec. 13–14 75
Ursid Predawn N Dec. 22 5 Tuttle


Some extra tips:

  • Obviously, you will see the stars better when it’s not cloudy.
  • Find a place where it’s dark.  Street lighting makes it hard to see the stars.
  • So when is the best time? Generally just after midnight or just before dawn.
  • The best way to look at shooting stars is putting a blanket on the ground so you can lay down and look straight up to the sky.  No special glasses needed.
  • And make a wish… you never know…