10 most romantic places to visit in Paris.

Everyone knows that Paris is the city of love and if you are looking for the perfect place to take your significant other, look no further! Once you are there, you will need to know where to go to experience all the romance that Paris has to offer – let’s take a look at the 10 most romantic places in Paris!

1) Lover’s Lane & Passy Village.

As the name suggests, Lover’s Lane in Passy Village is the ideal place to have a romantic stroll with the love of your life. This is one of Paris’s lesser-known sights and offers high stone walls and narrow lanes that could easily feature in a 16th century, French novel. Lover’s Lane is normally rather quiet and, if you try hard enough, you may catch a glimpse into the bordering estate that was built hundreds of years ago.


2) Marché Place Monge.

Paris is known for its haute cuisine and its delicious, fresh food. Before leaving Paris, you need to have a browse around at least one of its iconic outdoor food markets. Marché Place Monge is a particularly pretty market, around which we can recommend walking with your lover. Here, you can try samples of organic produce and pick up a unique souvenir to remember your time here. While here, why not pick up a few fresh food items for a romantic picnic?

3) Pont des Arts.

Want to leave your mark on the world as a couple? What better way to do this than to lock a personalized padlock on to the Pont des Arts? It doesn’t matter if you don’t already have a padlock because you can buy one from one of the vendors along the river. After decorating your padlock, attach it to the bridge where it will remain for several decades to come! This is also a wonderful place to gaze out at the Seine River and to take a couples selfie or two as you smooch with the spectacular scenery as a backdrop.



4) Secret Royal Garden.

During the spring and summertime, Paris’s many romantic parks can get quite crowded. If crowds are not your thing, don’t worry because the Secret Royal Garden is just that – a bit of a secret from tourists! You will be awestruck as you pass through the entrance via the massive door and into the elegant and picturesque courtyard of l’Hôtel de Soubise. This park was created for Louis XIV’s mistresses, Anne de Rohan-Chabot and you can get a feel for what it was like to live in this bygone era as a member of the royalty. There are plenty of hidden alcoves, tree and flower-lined pathways, benches and pergolas that each warrant a romantic photograph. After you have enjoyed a leisurely stroll through the beautiful Secret Royal Garden, we recommend browsing the various galleries, cafes and boutique shops in the northern Marais which is close by.


5) Montmartre.

Want to experience one of the most amazing views of Paris with the love of your life? Head over to northern Paris to the Montmartre area where you can peacefully enjoy gazing over the whole of Paris. Not only does Montmartre offer exceptional scenery, but it also has a unique French village appeal. You will love strolling down the winding, cobbled streets, having a coffee at one of the sweet, little cafes and browsing for something special from one of their boutiques.


6) La Butte.

While in the Montmartre and northern Paris area, we can also highly recommend exploring La Butte in the evening. One of Paris’s best-kept secrets is to enter La Butte from the back where you can experience everything that this special place has to offer. La Butte has a romantic, yet quirky feel to it and the most popular spot in this area is on the rue de la Bonne where you can catch an amazing glimpse of the Sacré Coeur from behind. If you have time, a walk down the rue Saint-Vincent will make you fall in love with each other all over again as you see the gorgeous gardens, homes and the sleeping vineyard.

7) L’Encrier.

During your stay in Paris, it goes without saying that you will eat out at least once. That being said, if you are looking for a romantic and quiet place to enjoy some morning or afternoon coffee and a treat, go to the Faubourg St-Antoine area which is home to Paris’s maker community. Here, you will discover L’Encrier which is situated just behind the Promenade Plantée viaduct walk. Fans of L’Encrier love spending a lazy hour or two relishing a cup of their fragrant tea or coffee together with one of their delicious pastries. Although L’Encrier is known for its inexpensive prices and great value, this does not mean that you won’t have an exceptional experience there. Quite the contrary! If you are there for lunch, why not try one of their signature dishes such as the duck confit or pear with roquefort? It will definitely be a meal to remember for a long time to come!


8) Square du Vert-Galant.

Every now and then, you need to take some time out from the hustle and bustle of the busy city and appreciate what’s most important to you. In the Square du Vert-Galant, you can spend a peaceful few hours with your significant other in the beautiful surroundings. The Square du Vert-Galant is to the west of the Ile de la Cité and is a small and pretty garden with a stunning view of the Seine River at the end.


9) Saint Martin Canal.

The River Seine is one of Paris’s iconic landmarks but if you feel like something a little different, why not take a romantic stroll along the Saint Martin Canal which is just as beautiful? Couples love admiring the gorgeous view of Paris from the top of the canal’s bridges and taking a few photos.


10) Eiffel Tower.

Finally, you simply cannot leave Paris without visiting the Eiffel Tower, which is the most famous and most romantic landmark in all of Paris. It doesn’t matter how crowded it gets, the Eiffel Tower is definitely a must-see. Going up to the top of the tower is an amazing experience but if you don’t feel like exposing yourselves to such scary heights, walking around the tower and admiring its beauty is also great fun. Of course, you will need to take a few selfies with the tower in the background!



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