13 Tips on How to be more Attractive

Attraction is a complex thing.  Different people are attracted to different things.  However, there are some general principles that seem to apply when it comes to attraction.

Attraction happens in a split second. With a brief eye contact or a short observation of someones body posture. Most of what we call attraction happens in our subconscious mind.

How you smell is very important

Despite that our nose is no longer as effective as most wild animals, the smell is really important for attraction.  For animals, the smell of a potential partner is an indicator of health and a strong immune system. We humans still have this ability although it happens more in the subconscious.  People who eat fruits and veggies will smell better than someone who lives on a diet of fast food.

Luckily we humans have soap and perfumes to mask our smells.  So yes it is important to smell nice, even if you are in a long term relationship.

Here is a great tip:  We have a great memory for smell. If you are in a long term relationship, it’s a great idea to now and then wear that perfume that you wore when you just met.  It can really re-invigorate that passion by bringing back some good old memories.

Wear stimulating Colours

It is not a coïnsidence that red is the colour of love.  Yes, that little red dress does make men’s heads turn. Even a little red or orange accent can do the trick.  Bright colours are much more attractive than cold, dark colours.

The way it works is that bright colours trigger something in our primal brain.  When you are getting intimate with someone the skin tone changes to a more reddish tone.  These reddish colours trigger that signal in our subconscious brain.

Try to look more like your father or mother in law

This is probably the weirdest tip in this article.  Well not probably… it is the weirdest tip.

But studies have show time and time again that most girls like a man that looks like their father and most boys like girls that look similar to their mother.

Adapt your Tone of Voice

Studies have shown that men with deeper, lower tones of voice are more attractive to women.  There is a correlation between male hormones and a deeper voice.

Similar studies have shown that women with higher voice tones are more attractive. Women also talk in a higher tone of voice when they are interested in a man.

Typical gender symbols

Typical gender symbols emphasise manliness or feminity which are attractive to your partner.

As a man grow a light beard. Girls find guys with a light beard most attractive.  A light beard is a typical male symbol. Other things like a motorcycle, a tight suit all fit into this category.

For a woman, this can be a dress with high heels, some make-up or some fine lingerie. Just things that are female.

Be an Alpha

We all know the alpha male, but there is definitely also something like an alpha female.

The traits of an alpha male or female are pretty similar.  Both are very independent, full of pride, consistent and balanced.

Being an Alpha is about radiating confidence, this rock solid confidence is attractive to a lot of people.  This confidence allows you to be optimistic about life’s goals you are pursuing.

An alpha male or female is in emotional balance.  He or she will not get aggressive or lose control.  They can express their feelings freely.

They are ambitious, a direct cause of their self-confidence.  A self-confidence they can do things better.


Fit people are just more attractive then couch potatoes, we all know that.  Not only will you look more energetic.  Studies have shown that guys with a V-shaped chest are perceived as more attractive by women. Broad shoulders and a slim waist would mean better health and offspring.

The same thing goes for girls where the hip to waist ratio matters. A good ration signifies fertility.  So a good diet and exercise routine can significantly improve your attractiveness.

Dress to impress

There is a direct correlation between clothes and attractiveness.  A well-dressed man will get looks from a woman and a woman in a nice dress will definitely get the attention of men. As we mentioned above colour matters.

But also accentuating your body composition with your clothes is important.  The manly V shape can be accentuated with certain types of clothing like slim fit shirts.  For women, it is important to accentuate that hip to waist ratio which can be done with a slim fitting dress.

Do interesting things

Nothing triggers attraction more than people who do interesting things.  Maybe it is a special hobby you are doing, a new kind of sport or maybe you have an interesting business or job.

Be creative

We deliberately put creativity after doing interesting things as they are closely related, however, there is a slight nuance. A scientist can do interesting things, but there is a reason so many artists can attract the most beautiful woman in the world.

Creativity triggers a strong attraction deep in our mind because creativity or resourcefulness was and still is a critical survival skill.  You may start to recognise a common theme that strong survival traits often correlate with attractiveness.

Be a do-er

People are attracted to do-ers.  Don’t talk about things, just execute and make it happen.  This can-do mentality is closely related to having confidence. The self-confidence that you are able to make your pursuits successful. It’s about making a decision and sticking to it.

A lot of people never dare to take leaps or take big life-changing decisions.  If you have the guts to do it, it is a very attractive trait.

Surround yourself with attractive people

You are the average of the 5 people in your life. When we talk about surrounding yourself with attractive people, we are not only talking about physical attractiveness. Creative and interesting people open up worlds where you can further develop yourself and become more attractive yourself.

Make progress

Try to get 1% better every day.  Get that little step closer to your goal.  Progress equals happiness. Progress attracts. People often think that being rich attracts people.  That is just a partial truth. Often it is the traits that a rich person has that is attractive. Most of them have the trait of making progress.

They were able to make progress fast in their business, careers and financial life.  You need to focus on making progress.

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