Activities for couples in Bali

Bali is one of our favourite travel destinations, been there 3 times already.  It is the perfect blend of the friendliness of the people, the exotic culture, breathtaking nature and peaceful spirituality.  Some places can be flooded with tourists, but if you know your spots, it’s one of the most romantic places in the world.

Find hidden beaches

Maybe the cliché of clichés, but hey, we all fantasise about tropical deserted beaches where we can be alone with our lover.  Well in Bali you still can find hidden beaches.  You will need a scooter to drive around the island though.

There are a  lot of hidden beaches that you won’t find with a simple google search.  Talk to locals, fellow travellers, ride with your scooter along the shoreline and stop at little creeks.

We found some really amazing deserted beaches around Uluwatu and Bingin.   Highly recommended to visit this area.

Padang Padang beach and Green bowl beach is also worthwhile visiting. However can get very crowdy, which loses the romance of the experience.

Watch the sunset and get blessed at Tanah Lot

Tanah Lot is a temple build on a rock in the sea.  It is a very famous tourist attraction.  So yes, gets crowded.  However, it’s worthwhile visiting.  The surrounding panoramic views are breathtaking.

Would advise you to go in the late afternoon.  Then you can still get the blessing in the temple.  It’s fun to do and they stick some rice on your forehead.  Great selfie picture 🙂

Then install yourself comfortably on one of the rocks to watch the sunset.

Stay a night at Bingin beach

Bingin is something special but breathes romance.  It’s a little village that is built out of wood and bamboo along the cliffside. It has this very unique feel to it.  You eat on the beach.  You choose a freshly caught fish directly from the fishermen.  They prepare it for you right away.  It’s simply delicious.

Go Surfing together

Bali is THE surf destination in the world.  If you are a beginner don’t make the mistake to just go into any wave.  I see so many tourists trying to surf in super hard waves even the pros would have trouble with.  This will only result in disappointment and having a bad first encounter with surfing.

Try to find waves that are suited for longboarding.  In Bali, Old Mans beach and Medewi is famous for this.  Also Baby Padang Padang ( it’s the name for the small wave in  Padang Padang beach).

Surfing Bali

Get Matching Tattoos in Bali

If you are into tattoos or considering one.  Bali has some amazing tattoo artists.  Especially in the hipster capital of Bali, Canggu you can find some good artists.  A matching tattoo can be a great souvenir of your Indonesian adventure together.

Couples Yoga

Couples yoga or acro yoga is a real bonding experience.  You learn to trust your partner and can really deepen the relationship you have with your partner.  Ubud is the yoga Mekka of the island, but you can find good yoga studios all around the island.  There are many around Canggu, we also liked the one on the beach in Sanur that has a magnificent view on the beach.
Check out our beginners guide to couples yoga.

Sip on some cocktails in a Beach club

Get a bed in one of the many beautiful beach clubs Bali has to offer.  If you are into luxury there are upscale beach clubs like Finns. You can soak up some sun, do a little dance in the pool and at the end of the day, watch a beautiful sunset.

Get a couples massage

Massages are really affordable in Bali and very good.  A traditional Balinese massage will bring you both in a relaxed state so you can enjoy the island.

Hike up Mount Agung and watch the sunrise

A really nice hike in nature. You start very early in the morning so you can see the sunrise. It’s quite a climb, but the sunrise is worth it.

scooter road trip

Something we really enjoyed was just taking a scooter road trip.  Just take a toothbrush, some toothpaste and drive. Explore the island. There are so many beautiful corners of the island that don’t see many tourists. The natural beauty in combination with this little mini-adventure makes it a super memorable experience.

visit  one of the many waterfalls

Always romantic, playing some Tarzan and Jane under the tropical waterfall.

Tibumana waterfall

Visit Ubud

Ubud is more inland and is lush with greenery. It is a hotspot for Yogi and has many yoga places and good restaurants.  There are many hotels with infinity pools (great for that epic Instagram picture) Ubud art Market is recommended, maybe find some matching handmade bracelets.

The most romantic restaurants in Bali

It’s really hard to find bad food in Bali.  There are many good restaurants in Bali. But there are some that have that little extra.  Here is a list of some of our favourite romantic restaurants.

Samabe Cave diner Bali, we haven’t been here ourselves but heard it is quite impressive.

La Laguna is definitely one of our favourite places. It is simply magical. The fortune tellers in the chariots set the tone of the rest of the evening.

Other highly recommended restaurants are:

  • The Samaya Ubud
  • Slippery stone Bali (Seminyak)
  • Gardin Bali
  • La Brisa
  • La Favela

We have been many times to Bali and go back again and again. Bali is a magical place. that is highly recommended.
This is just a handful of things you can do in Bali.  Bali is very safe and is easy to go explore.

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