Adventurous Date Ideas

You feel the rush of being in love and want to add some extra adrenalin. Well, we got the ultimate list of adventurous dates for you with some extra tips on how you can spice things up even more.  This is another one of our ever-growing lists that we update on a regular base with new ideas.  So bookmark it or save it on your Pinterest.

Tag Archery Cupid Style

What is Tag Archery? Tag archery is played with a bow and arrow.  There is a soft foam tip on the arrow that prevents injury. The aim of the game is to tag your opponent with the soft tip of the arrow.

So how do you play Tag Archery Cupid Style?  Both get a bow and some arrows with sponge arrowheads.  Head for the forest. Decide what the winner gets. Now hunt for each other’s heart!

Electric Mountainbiking

I have to admit, as a sports fanatic I was a bit sceptic about electric mountain bikes. I thought it was for lazy people that wanted to cheat.  But after trying I have to say it is a lot of fun.   It is still intensive, but the electric engine just helps you to cover more distance and makes climbing hills easier.

You get less out of breath with the support of the electric motor which makes it much more comfortable to have a nice conversation with your date.

To make it more of a date, take a backpack with you with a small picknick. Drive to the top of the hill/mountain and have a break to chit chat or take some selfies with the view. We talk a lot about the importance of making good memories as a couple that is why taking nice pictures matter. We got a whole article on how to take good selfies as a couple.

Try Flyboarding

A Flyboard is a pretty new sport, chances are your date will never have done this and that ads to the excitement om the date.  Creating novelty in your dates is always a good idea.

What is a Flyboard? A watersport that is performed with a board that is connected with a tube to a watercraft, most likely a jetski. The propulsion of the water makes the board fly.  The rider is attached to the board and flies in the air.

It may take some googling to find a place that rents one of these, but highly recommended if you find one.

Indoor Skydiving

What is indoor skydiving? Indoor skydiving is a simulation of actual skydiving. It is done in what is called a vertical wind tunnel which moves air up in a vertical column and supports the indoor skydiver in the air.

Indoor skydiving is a great activity for people who want to have a taste of skydiving but are not yet ready to jump out of an aeroplane.  It is suite for most people.  There is always an instructor present that ensures safety and support.

Tip: you can take the funniest pictures of your partner as the strong wind can make their face look a bit well… funny 😉

Kart Racing

Kart racing is a fun and competitive activity. That little competition between you and your date can make it interesting. The key is to keep in competitive but fun.

Most kart racing facilities nowadays have computers that track your laps. The cool thing is you can choose names. Try to come up with cool names for each other.  Choose wisely, these nicknames can stick for a lifetime… I speak from experience…

Hey and don’t forget to throw a little kiss when you pass by your loved one.

Bonus points if you find some special kart racing, like ice kart racing.

Duo parachute jump

This is quite an extreme date. But try to make it a little bit extra special by writing a message on the floor that he/she only can see when you are gliding thru the air with your parachutes.

Go indoor skying / snowboarding

We love to go on a date to an indoor snowpark on a rainy day in the fall.  It’s just a fun and active indoor activity and also great preparation for our ski trip in the winter.  Most indoor snowparks have a cosy mountain style bar or restaurant attached to it which is great to relax after you hit the slope.

Go to a trampoline park

A Trampoline park is great fun.  Don’t make the mistake as I did by thinking that there are only trampolines there.  Which is normal with the name “trampoline park”. They have all kinds of fun activities like gladiator style battle poles where you have to knock each other off with foam bats.  Or foam pits where you can make the most amazing jumps.

Every Trampoline park is different of course, but most of them have quite a variety of activities that make this a great date.

Bungee jumping

Duo bungee jumping, a classic among the more adventurous dates that couldn’t be absent from this list.  Be sure to get it on camera. Watch it on repeat in slow motion.  Guaranteed laughs for years to come.

Rent a Tandem Bike

Riding a tandem bike is most adventurous for the one that sits in the back in my opinion.  The one in the back needs to let go of control when riding the bike.  It is a good exercise in trusting your date.  The advantage of the back seat is that you can take a little rest now and then without your partner noticing.

Make this a bit of a day.  Have a nice destination to ride to, take a scenic route, maybe with a surprise stop here and there.  A little preparation makes a tandem ride a nice complete experience.

Make a scooter road trip

Renting a scooter to make a little road trip is an awesome way to explore a new area.  Great if you have a date in a new place you don’t know that well yet. We actually did our first scooter road trip in Bali, because well… everybody rides a scooter over there.  It was great fun and that made me realise we can actually do a little scooter road trip at home as well.

It’s a great alternative to a bicycle trip we often did as you can cover more distance.  Renting a scooter is actually pretty affordable and if you plan a whole day with it, absolutely worth it.

Tip: Most scooters have a little trunk under the seat. So great to take a little surprise with you, a bottle of bubbles or a small picknick.

Go longboard skating together

Longboarding is a large skateboard with big soft wheels. It rides very smoothly. It is an activity that both girls and boys practice.  It’s a nice date because it’s a bit more exciting than just a walk and you are still able to have a nice conversation.

If your date has never skated a longboard, it’s great and easy to learn.  Because of the large board and big wheels, the board is pretty stable an easier to keep balance than a regular skateboard.  This is a great date if you have a long boulevard along the seaside or river bedding.

Geocaching treasure hunting

Go treasure hunting! Geocaching is a popular trend where you find treasures based on GPS coordinates.  Someone hides a waterproof box somewhere in nature.  In the box there is a log where you write something about your journey. There are also small objects in the box. If you take an object out, you need to put a new object in.  That is the rule.  Sometimes you find some pretty romantic stories in these logs. Find out more on 

Take a Hot Air Balloon

There is something magical with hot air Balloons how they gracefully float thru with the wind. Most hot air balloon companies offer some romantic extra. Like a drink or picknick upon landing.

Stay a night in a Treehouse

What is more romantic and adventurous than staying in a treehouse and getting back in touch with nature.  With websites like Airbnb, it is really easy to find treehouses for rent.


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