Couples Yoga: The complete beginners guide

What is Couples Yoga?

Couples yoga is a form of yoga that is performed with 2 people. One person forms the base by laying on his/her back and supporting the other person in the air with his/her feet and hands.  The person that is in the air performs yoga poses. Couples yoga is also called partner yoga or acro yoga. 

Is there a difference between Acro-, Partner- and Couples yoga?

These terms are often randomly used and it can be confusing.

In essence, they are the same.  This form of yoga is done with 2 persons without distinction between sexes.  However, in practice, most of the time the strongest person is the foundation of the pose and the lightest person is on top.  Generally, it is the man that forms the foundation and the woman that is on top.  While this is often the case the term “couples yoga” is used. 

What is the origin of Couples Yoga?

Couples yoga is a newer form of yoga, but it has evolved from its origins in traditional yoga and tantra.

Is couples yoga actually yoga?

Some yogis argue that couples yoga is not really yoga as it doesn’t have a long history as traditional yoga. Despite being a newer form of yoga, there are many benefits to couples yoga. Spiritual as well as physical.
The connection and trust you put in your partner is one of the big benefits of couples yoga.

Is it safe to do Couples Yoga at home?

Professional guidance from a yoga teacher will always be better as with regular yoga. It is advisable to do at least an introduction course with a good teacher.  When you are in good health it is possible to follow video instructions an try it at your own risk at home.  Be sure to clear the space that you are practising in.  In case you would fall, that you do not injure yourself because of objects around you.

What are the benefits of Couples yoga?

  • It builds trust in your partner.  Acro yoga can be a bit scary sometimes when you are up there in the air, you are putting complete trust in your partner to support you.
  • Connection. Touch, eye contact and fun together is the perfect combination to deepen the bond.
  • The release of happy hormones.  Movement, touch and human connection release hormones that make you happy.
  • Builds Strength and Flexibility. Supporting bodyweight and yoga poses make it a great workout.
  • Cheap and you can practice together at home.  You really don’t need anything to start couples yoga.  Maybe a yoga mat is practical, but that is it.  Just wear some comfy clothes.
  • You always have something to do.  If you don’t know what to do in the evening, you can always practice some moves. Always a next level to reach in couples yoga.
  • A challenge you can tackle together.  This challenge you tackle together is a good practice for challenges you will face in real life.

How to start couples yoga

To get the basics, it is highly recommended to do at least one introduction class with a teacher. For example where to put your feet for best balance, but also to learn how to transition from one pose to another.

What to expect in a couples yoga class? Faq

Will I always do acro yoga with my own partner in an acro yoga class?

The short answer: it depends from class to class. Some classes require that you come as a couple. Some classes are open to everyone, even if you don’t have a partner.  In the last case, most of the time it will be a class where you do acro yoga with different people.  From a perspective of learning a better technique in acro, it is better to practice with several different people. However, if your plan was to experience a romantic activity with your partner, it is better to spend that time with your significant other.

What do I bring to a Couples yoga class?

  • Bottle of water
  • A towel
  • Most yoga places have mats, but some don’t.  Always ask you need to bring your own.

Some of our favourite Couples Yoga videos to get you inspired

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