As fresh parents it can be challenging to find some quality time. With a little baby crawling around that needs regular milk shots or some lovely crying serenades, the romance can be very far. Luckily there is Romantify to the rescue. 

We have a lot at home date ideas on this website.  However some are not really practical with that little bundle of joy.

So here goes, some tips on making your date at home with a baby a roaring success. 

The General rule:

Be flexible in planning your date night

You can be interrupted at any moment, so you want to plan things that actually can be interrupted. Activities that you can stop and pick-up really fast.  This is going to save you a lot of frustration and actually enjoy your evening together.

So let’s start with Dinner

Ideally you want food that does not get spoiled when you have to interrupt your dinner.

Sushi is great for that, we actually have a great article on how to organise a Japanese date night at home. 

A Marrocan tajine is also great for this, as you can easily put the whole tajine back into the oven to keep it warm.  Just take in account that you don’t put too much food on your plate at once. For an Arabian style date night at home you can look here.

Any oven style dish is great for this purpose actually, like a lasagne for an Italian style date at home.

And of course there is always the healthy salad!

Avoid heating your food again in the microwave, it’s just not the same. 

Foot Massage instead of a full body massage

You just want to avoid being all covered in massage oil or lotion and having to run half naked to soothe your crying baby. Instead focus on a real good foot massage or maybe lower back or shoulders.  A head or facial massage can be extremely relaxing.

You can even make it like a massage game! Take some paper, write your favourite massage spots on the papers, put them in a bowl pick a ticket. 

Binge a Netflix serie instead of a Movie

Of course you can always put the movie on pause, but the shorter form of a series plus at each new start of an episode there is often a short recapitulation.  Makes it much easier to follow along when you have short interruptions to have a quick look at the baby.

Standup comedy is also great to watch for the same reason. Hearing the laughter may even be very beneficial for the mood of the baby. 

Reflect on the future, make plans, dream

Raising a baby can be exhausting and you lack the time to plan and dream as a couple.  Your time alone is a great time to do that. The first year with a baby is a bit of work, but it’s really beneficial as a couple to start planning and dreaming of the things you want to be doing in the future. 


As young parents there is often less time for physical activity.  Understandable that on your date night you don’t want to run a half marathon while being sleep deprived from a crying baby.  But we are talking about some light movement. Some dancing, maybe even some salsa or tango? There are some good free tutorials on youtube. 

If you are more adventurous, maybe even try some partner yoga maybe? 

Go outside

One of the benefits of an actual date is that you are out of the house. Fresh air and impulses are necessary to recharge and relax.  Be concious of this and try to organise at home dates outside as much as you can. Organise your date in the garden, balcony, rooftop or window opening.

Have an open air theater, eat outside. Even if it is colder outside it can be fun. Put up a little tent en snuggle together. Or just have an aperitif outside with a thick jacket. It’s all about creativity and variety. Boredom is a romance killer.

Incorporate the baby (in part) of the date night if necessary

If you have to plan your whole date night around feeding times, naps and bedtimes it can be a hassle. Of course you want (and need) to have some alone time as a couple. But it is ok to incorporate the baby for example at the start of your date night. But try to do it in a fun and entertaining way. If you have a date theme for example, dress up the baby as well, make some really memorable selfies.  Put a little message for dad in the baby’s crib. Or make a funny meme for your date night with a picture of your baby. Just make it fun and playful. 
As the baby goes to sleep, you continue your date.

Avoid other distractions as much as possible

It is unavoidable that your baby needs attention some times. But avoid other distractions as much as possible to be present with your partner. Switch of that phone and all kinds of messaging. 

Just be more flexible

You can definitely find more general at home dating inspiration here on romantify, just keep the simple rule in mind, be flexible.  
Just addapt the date at home nights so they can be easily interupted and picked up where you left. 
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