How do you plan a Romantic Candle Light Dinner?

Planning a romantic Candlelight dinner is more than just the food.  Ok, good food is crucial of course, but if you want your evening to be a roaring success, you want to pay attention to the details.  In this post, we are going go over some of those o-so important details.

What should I cook for a romantic dinner?

There are two main things to consider if you decide on what to cook for a romantic dinner.

First, you don’t want your food to be too heavy on the stomach. Rich food can make you and your date sleepy. As you will probably organise your romantic dinner date in the evening, you really don’t want your date to become drowsy. Especially if you have some further plans later that night.

So avoid large quantities of meat and carbs like potatoes and pasta.  Instead, ideally, you make some vegetables with some chicken or fish. As for carbs, it’s better to choose slow carbs like sweet potatoes or rice, maybe a light risotto.

The second thing to consider is the time you will be in the kitchen during your date. Sure this doesn’t apply if you eat out in a restaurant. Your dish and all preparations should be prepared to the max.  You can really ruin your date night by spending all your time in the kitchen away from your date.

What should I wear for a romantic dinner?

Fashion for dating is all about balance. For women, you want to be dressed sexy without being too revealing. It is a subjective balance of course. But generally speaking, you don’t want to reveal too much of your chest area, just enough to keep things interesting.  Subtle things like pulling up your hair can show your neck which is very appealing in a distinguished way. Most men like typically feminine clothes, a dress in most cases is your best choice.

Guys should find the balance between formal and not too casual.  Guys, you really want to show you did an effort to present yourself in a good way to your lady.  This doesn’t mean you have to wear a tuxedo or tie.  But you do want to wear dressed pants, a shirt or a fashionable top. Avoid jeans and sneakers, not really suited for a romantic dinner date.  Women do notice details, like a nice watch can make your outfit complete.

What should I do to make a romantic dinner extra special?

Ok, this is an elaborate answer as there are a lot of things you can do here:

  • Increase anticipation for the date.  This can start days before.  Creating excitement before the actual date is absolutely one of the best things you can do. So what can you do? For example, send a picture of your outfit. Try to do it in a bit of a teasing way. Just send that you are looking forward to the date.
  • Give a personal gift.  This really doesn’t have to be expensive or cliché. Flowers or a box of chocolates are often a bit cliché. Some people still love these traditional gifts, however, more original gifts can trigger better emotions.  The key is to listen good and pick up things. What is his/her favourite candy, things he/she told from her/his youth, maybe something for a hobby.  Give something you made yourself, something that you have put your time and hart in.
  • Be present. Nowadays everybody gets distracted by their phones. Don’t look at your phone during the dinner date, it can really break the mood.
  • Humour and smile. Everyone wants to have fun.  Humour is absolutely one of the most attractive traits someone can have. Just go to the date with a good mood, smile and enjoy.
  • Plan something after dinner.   Have some alternatives ready for after dinner. If you have a nice enjoyable romantic dinner, then what… Look out for a nice location to have an evening walk, maybe lookout for a nice bar or a place to have a dance.


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