How to do calligraphy on your wall?

My girlfriend always got some great expression about life and love.  I wanted to do something with her personal expressions.  I wanted to surprise her and put some of her quotes around the house. Thought it would be great to give a personal touch to our home.  So I searched for ways to do that.  A frame is nice, but it’s way cooler is wall calligraphy. Very decorative and makes an impression.  A great way to surprise your partner.

What is wall calligraphy?

Wall calligraphy is the art of writing or painting esthetic letters on a wall that form inspiring words, sentences, quotes or poems. 

Why should you write text on your wall?

Words on your wall symbolise what you stand for.  It is a constant reminder of what you think is important.  It can express gratitude for the good things we have in life.  It can express the love we have for our partner or family members. In the daily rut, we can lose the focus on the things that are important to us. A constant reminder can be a great addition to your life.

Where and what to write on your walls?

Popular places to put wall calligraphy

  • Above the bedpost.  Where you can put quotes about dreaming, resting, nighttime, the moon and the stars.
  • On the vertical side of stairs, so you can read the text when walking upstairs.  These are often uplifting quotes, optimistic words.
  • Above the kitchen furnace.  Where sayings about savouring, enjoying food and life are often used.
  • In the toilet.  Often the only time you have some reflexion time.  Inspiring quotes about life are very good here.
  • In the shower or bathtub. There are waterproof inks and paints you can use on tiles and wet environments.  Like the toilet, the shower or bath is a place where you are alone and have some reflexion time.  Inspiring life quotes are really good here.
  • When leaving the house.  Great way to put a final thought in your head before you step out of your house into the world. Quotes about coping with stress or general positive mindset are appropriate here.
  • When entering the house.  These are very common. These are sayings about family, feeling at home, comfort.
  • In your reading corner.  You can put a passage of one of your favourite books or a quote of one of the main characters.
  • In your Wardrobe.  Names of the family members, something that makes you smile every time you open the closet.

How to put a romantic text on your wall?

A professional calligrapher that puts a personal message on your wall is a popular experience on Romantify.  They paint every letter by hand.  This is a skill that takes years to master.  We decided to make a complete guide on how you can put a Romantic quote on your wall.  There are many different ways to do it.  If you don’t want to hire a pro, there are ways to do it yourself. Here are your options:

DIY methods for Wall Calligraphy

There are 3 main Do-It-Yourself ways to do lettering on walls. Applying a Wall Sticker or Decal, use a beamer, or use transfer paper.

Apply a Wall Sticker or Decal on your wall

Apply a Wall Sticker or also called a decal on your wall.  This is the easiest solution of course.  The big downside is, that you are very limited in what you can put on your wall, you have to choose a pre-made text.  You can find a large number of Wall Decals on Etsy

Project your letters with a beamer

If you have a beamer, you can beam your letters on your wall, contour the outlines with a pencil and then fill the letters with paint.  The technique with a beamer is highly recommended for larger texts.

Further, in the article, you can find how you can easily design your custom lettering.

Using carbon paper for your wall lettering

If you don’t have a beamer, use some carbon paper.  Maybe the simplest method of all.  Just print your letter design.  Put it on top of a piece of carbon paper. Then go over the outlines of your design on the wall.  Voila, your outlines are perfectly transferred to your wall.  Now you can easily fill your letters with paint and a fine pencil.

Stencils for painting your Wall Quotes

I’m putting stencils here for the completeness of this article.  But frankly, I’m not a huge fan of stencils and prefer the methods above.

Here is why.  It takes a lot of time to make custom stencils and a lot can go wrong. Cutting out the stencils takes patience and if you cut wrong you have to start all over.  When you actually have your stencil, applying the paint can be a challenge as well with drips unsharp contours.

Or you can always hire a professional calligrapher

Will undoubtedly get you the best result. These people have the experience of how to position the text on your wall, what fonts to use or which are the most suitable techniques. Of course, it will be the most expensive way to get that text written.

Here you can see one of our wall calligraphers in action.

How to choose the right Font for a wall lettering?

The kind of font that you choose for your lettering should be largely correlated to the feeling you want to reach with your reader.

  • If your quote is romantic, dreamy go for a handwritten font.
  • If it’s more of a humoristic quote, go for a handwritten capitalised font
  • Strong motivational quote, go for blocked, BOLDED Letters to put extra strength with the message.

How to position the lettering on your wall?

Of course, a lot of this is common sense.  Sure you know your text should be straight and centred.  However, you may have overlooked some of the following things.

Sun exposure can have an effect on some colours.  Especially reds can change to pink if they have a lot of sun exposure.  So take that into account if you are painting next to a window.

Don’t put your text on places where people can scratch the text. It’s not pleasant to see your hard work damaged.  If you put in hallways, corridors, make sure it is high enough so the text is not damaged when people walk by.

Designing your Wall lettering

When it comes to designing our wall lettering, we have been using 2 sources. is a really easy way to design wall lettering.  The nice thing is that they have pre-made Font Combinations.  Which make it really easy to match it with your quote.  Before I found Canva, I spend countless hours searching for cool fonts that were matching.
Another cool thing about Canva is that they also have to standard frames and little icons you can use with your text.
Most of the fonts an designs on Canva are for free.  Certain premade designs or some graphic are objects are for sale, but at really affordable prices like 1 or 2 dollars. is another option if you don’t want to design your wall lettering yourself. There are many gigs on Fiverr that do specific wall lettering work or more general graphics work.

Make it a date activity

Now get to work! Try it! It’s really fun.

Painting letters on your wall is a really cool at-home-date activity. so it deserves a spot in our Ultimate at-home Date Guide.  Check it out for more inspiration.

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