How to find a Date Night Babysitter? [+ Tips for Free Babysitters]

This the practical side of romance.  How to find a babysitter for your date night? Can be a real party pooper if you have planned a fun night out and you don’t have a babysitter.

But first things first:

How to keep a good babysitter once you found one

This may be one of the most overlooked aspects of having good babysitting at your disposal.  Keeping the good ones.  When I was younger, I babysitted a lot.  Even as a student, it was a great revenue source.  I could study while the kids were playing or went to bed.  I even continued doing it while working on my startup from my computer.
So I know a thing or two about what makes you motivated as a babysitter.

  • Use your babysitter on a regular base.  A babysitter will give priority to the family he/she gets most work from.
  • Do date night  on a specific day of the week so your babysitter knows he/she does not have to make plans for that day
  • If possible try to do date night during the weekdays.  Most parties for young people (babysitters) are during the weekend.
  • Fix dates a couple of weeks in advance.
  • See to it that there is something good to eat and drink for your babysitter (oh boy, I still remember that place that had great Thai food for me)
  • If it gets late, let the babysitter sleep comfortably.
  • Add them on Whatsapp.  Send them a picture from the kids from time to time with a text like “the kids are also looking forward to date night now! Thanks to you” Everybody likes to be appreciated, even your babysitter!
  • Pay them correct and on time. If it was a last minute emergency call, give a little extra. Next time you have an emergency they will be more motivated to help you out.
  • Pro tip: Get yourself the latest game console and some blockbuster games.  Some teenagers would even babysit for free to be able to play them.


Where can I find a Babysitter in my Area?

Apps and websites should actually be your last resort to find a babysitter.  These services are good if you really can’t find someone in your proximity.  Finding a babysitter in your community, family or neighbourhood will not only be more practical due to location, but you will also get more trustworthy people.

Here are some other sources of babysitters that you may not have thought about

  • Obvious ones are: Family, nephews, nieces, teenagers of the neighbours
  • Remote workers, freelancers, writers, bloggers, internet marketers are people that can work on their laptop.  For them, it is easy to do some work when the kids are playing, watching TV or sleeping.  Young people who are just starting out their own business are great because they are looking for that extra income.  So if you know a graphic designer, programmer or online marketer, ask them.  Tell them you have good wifi and that you can work when the kids are sleeping.
  • Talk to other parents at school with teenage kids that can babysit for you.
  • Don’t always think of a babysitter as someone young.  Retired people are often glad that they can be of service and sad but true, a lot of retired people are struggling financially.  Maybe they will be less active with your kids, but they can bring a lot of life knowledge.

What are the best Babysitter websites?

Babysitter websites should be your second option.  They do offer access to more people who want to babysit. But of course, with quantity comes less quality.  Although most of these apps include some sort of system to ensure quality, always do your own assessment.

Bubble (ios or android app)

How do I find a reputable Babysitter?

Search in your community first, there you will have most options to check who that person really is.

Check references.

How to get Free Babysitting? 

Have a date night/sleepover rotation with other parents

This little hack can solve your babysitter need entirely.  It does ask for some organisation, but once it’s in place it’s a great system.
It’s best to do this with 3 to 4 parents.  That way it is still manageable with the number of kids and it still allows some flexibility to move dates if there is an emergency.

It’s good for your wallet and it’s fun for the kids.  Win-Win.

Have an attraction in your house to attract free babysitters

By attraction, we mean computer consoles, a bubble bath, sauna, swimming pool, mini-ramp, gym, music instruments. Sometimes you can find people willing to babysit the house if they can enjoy your luxuries.

Take an (almost) Free Nanny 

If you want to look at an affordable alternative to a Nanny, take a look at the website  (not the .com), it’s a website where travellers go to work in exchange for housing and food.  It’s meant for cultural exchange.  Young people use it a lot to travel the world on a budget.  It’s cheaper but has it’s up and downsides.
The upside is that sometimes you can get very highly educated people to care for your kids.  We once had a Phd student in our house.  The downside is, it is sometimes hard to organise and can be unpredictable when you will have someone to care for your kids.

Recycle one of your Date at-home nights for a befriended couple

Check out our ultimate date at-home list.  Reuse one of your dates at home setups for one of your friends.  Keep the decorations from your Japanese date night and buy them some sushi or serve them the heart-shaped sushi leftovers.

Awesome way to Romantify the world! It is our mission at Romantify to make this world a little more romantic.  If you liked this post, please share it, pin it so your friends can be Romantified.







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