How to get out of a boring date?

So you finally went on that date with that Tinder match, but turns out that person is not that exciting as those travel pictures.

What can you do to get out of a boring date?

Avoid hard to get out situations in the first place

For the first date go for a drink or a coffee.  If you go for lunch, dinner you will be stuck with that person for a longer time.

An activity is a double-edged sword.  You may not enjoy your date, but you can have fun with the activity.  But if your date bores you in such a way that it ruins the whole experience.

How to turn a boring date around? 

You should always try your best to turn a date into a positive one.  You never know what the other person experienced.  Maybe he/she is tired, stressed, maybe there is something on their minds that keep them busy and are not fully present there with you.

People who are naturally introverted often need some time to get at ease before they open up.  But once they are comfortable, communications flow way more natural.  So have a bit of patience before you give in and put the date to an end.

Be genuinely curious, everybody has an interesting story in them

If you are convinced that everyone has some interesting story in them it makes meeting people so much more adventurous. Sometimes you need to dig deep to find something interesting in a person, but see this as a challenge.  You may have totally different interests, but there are always things you can learn from someone.

What to do when there are awkward silences during your date? 

Especially when you are going on a first date, awkward silences can be really uncomfortable.  There is an easy way around that with a little preparation. Since I have been implementing this simple trick, I don’t experience these silences anymore.

Just prepare some fun questions to ask and learn them by heart.  The key is to ask questions that are open-ended (so not yes-no questions) and try to ask questions that you can ask additional questions about.  That keeps the conversation going.

An example of this is “travel” for example. You can ask which countries your date visited and then what the favourite food was, how the culture was like, did you meet interesting people etc.  You get it.

Other good subjects are hobbies, these have a lot of followup questions.

What if there is no spark during the date?

Accept that it is totally normal, but don’t abruptly stop the date because of this.  Don’t see this as a waste of time. You learned something, trained your dating skills.

Try to keep a good understanding with the person, who knows maybe their best friend is your dream partner.

How to get the best out of a boring date?

We kind of answered this question in the previous sections, but there is one more thing I always try to get out of date if it didn’t go the way I would like to. This is one is super valuable for the singles among us.

What I realised is that I am mostly hanging out with other single people. And most singles of the opposite gender do the same.  So I always try to keep a good connection, even it doesn’t work out.  You see, if you are in the dating scene you will encounter a lot of the same people at parties and events.  The ones you dated with can introduce you to their other single friends. These natural introductions are the best way to get to know new people.  So always think long term and always close end a date in a positive way.

How do you get out of awkward situations?

Humour is always a good way out.  Now, don’t start laughing with the other person, it’s a thin line. But chances are your date might feel as awkward as you.

There is, of course, a difference between just awkward and plain uncomfortable.  Especially as a woman if you feel a man is pushing too much.  Then try to be in a public area as much as possible. This will naturally avoid these situations

How do you politely end a date? 

Again humour is your friend here.  Make a little joke about your beauty sleep or your dog that will pee in your apartment or whatever.

But always express your gratefulness.  Be genuinely thankful for the date and time together.  Don’t make promises you can’t keep.

The sneaky way to get out of a date

We all know the trick that you make someone call you with some kind of emergency situation.  You even have apps to get you out of a date.  You can just set up a fake call with just one press on a button or timer.



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