How to keep Marriage from getting boring – 7 tips

If you are married or in a  long-term relationship, the day to day routine can become monotonous.  Seems you have less fun than at the beginning of the relationship.

Humans are curious by nature.  We seek out the new. That’s why we evolve as a species, we love invention and new things. To keep us interested we need novelty.  Unfortunately, some people in long-term relationships seek that novelty in seeing other people.  By introducing healthy novelties in your relationship you can avoid boredom.

Try new foods with your partner

Seems like a simple thing. But this is something you can implement on almost a daily base.  Eating the same thing over and over again every week can trigger that “boredom bug”. It can be that drop that overflows the bucket.  There are plenty of exotic foods to taste, recipes or cooking methods to try.  Do cheese tastings, chocolate tastings.  Go to that new restaurant that serves slow-cooked rattlesnakes, try vegan dishes.  There is endless variations to get some novelty in everyday life.
My grandma always said: love goes thru a man’s stomach. Frankly, I think that counts for women as well.

Do regular Total Makeovers

We have all seen these makeover television programs.  Couples that have been together for many years, wearing sweatpants, have greasy hear and yellow teeth. Get a total makeover and magically fall in love all over again.  Ok, not saying you are not taking care of yourself.  But try something new in your style every once and a while.  You will see, if done right, it can reinvigorate the passion.  Get advise from qualified people to optimise your style, extreme style changes can have the opposite effect.

Switch up the Interior of your house

Your house is the habitat you are living in every single day.  After a while, this living environment does not provide any more stimulation and that can promote boredom.  When we used to live closer to nature, our environments constantly changed, plants grow, seasons change.

Change your living space often.  That doesn’t mean you buying new furniture every month.  Just change how the place is arranged, paint something in a different colour, put a new quote on your wall, get some new plants, make new art together,

Spend time in Nature

This doesn’t mean you have to do a hike thru the Amazonian Rainforest.  That is cool.  But a walk in the forest, picknick in the park or sitting at the riverside with your feet in the water. Nature calms and connects us.

Do regular surprise trips

Go on mini adventures often.  Take the car without knowing where you will end up. Let a friend organise a trip for you without knowing where you are going or use a surprise trip website.  Go to really under the radar cities.  This healthy uncertainty will satisfy that lust for adventure.

Stay in different locations

Many couples do the same type of vacation every single year.  They go the all in luxury hotel, some go camping every year.  Switch it up! Take that crazy looking Airbnb, sleep in that romantic treehouse, have a cruise, go glamping, put up a tent in your backyard, whatever.  But this variation keeps the relationship interesting. Even if it doesn’t turn out to be a success the adventure will bring you closer together.

Plan Regular dates

Really make an effort to plan regular dates.  There are no excuses. You can do great dates at home if it’s not possible to go out.

We have many inspirational date lists on Romantify.  It’s our reason for being, to inspire your love life. There is the ultimate at-home dating list that we continuously update and is ever-growing.

If you want to have a little bit more action, we have a list of adventurous date nights.

As a final thought.  Don’t let it get that far that your relationship becomes a rut.  Take regular breaks and do fun stuff together.  It’s much easier when it’s going well to keep the momentum going than to start over.

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