How to leave a Romantic Note: 13 creative places for a Surprise Note

I think it’s great to find a little note with a message from my partner.  When I find the note in a place that I really didn’t suspect there would be a message, it’s extra nice. Feels like finding a treasure map.  So I have been keeping this list of creative places to leave a message. I’ll keep on adding as I find more inspiration.

Stick an envelope underneath the table

The idea that the note has been there all day is really fun when your partner finds it. Put your message in an envelope so he/she can not read it right away.  When you call her, at the end of the conversation, mention to look under the table.
Great way to ask her out for a date.  Include some tickets for a concert, movies or performance.

Put a chapter in the book your partner is reading

Print your message on a piece of paper the same size as the page of the book. Come up with a fun name for the chapter, in the same line of the book’s theme.  If she is reading “Fifty Shades of Grey”, you are in luck! 🙂
Write the message as if it were a chapter in the book. But of course, you are the main character.

Hide notes around the house and send pictures of where they are

I tried this one when I was away for business a couple of days. I hide some messages around the house which were really hard to find.  Every day I send a picture of where the message was hiding.  It’s great fun and your partner will be anticipating your messages.

Give an envelope to a shop your partner is going to visit

You know your partner is going shopping, to the hairdressers or any other shop where they know who your partner is.  Anticipate and get there before your partner. Give the shop owner an envelope with a message and ask to give it to your partner.  Your lover will be surprised to receive a message in the shop.  It’s even better if you combine it with a little surprise at this store.  Maybe you can surprise her with a massage or manicure at the hairdressers, pay for her dress she is picking up or give a coupon for matching lingerie.  In your message, you can express your gratitude for the things he or she has done for you.

Underneath the coffee mug

This one is great at breakfast in the morning if your partner needs to eat alone.  The surprise is bigger if he/she lifts the coffee mug and sees the message then if you would just put a message in front of the mug.

Under the toilet seat

When your partner opens the toilet seat the message reveals.  You can make this really funny.  Make a sweet remark about their buttocks or… you know what. Guaranteed to put a smile on their face.

Unroll the toilet paper

This is the sequel of the toilet seat.  Works well together too.  Hide a message in the toilet paper, so when they roll of some toilet paper the message reveals. Use a funny follow-up remark on what you said on the toilet seat.

Message on a banana

Great for breakfast or a lunchbox.  The peel of the banana is thrown away anyway. So why not use it for a nice message.
Works with any other fruit or vegetable that needs peeling.  However, the banana has its shape… and cheesy message opportunities.

The Pumpkin talks

Great one for Halloween.  Put a little text cloud on your scary pumpkin.

The Laundry basket

Maybe not super fun this one.  But trust me, putting a note in the Laundry basket that expresses appreciation for your partner that takes care of the laundry will get you a lot of respect.

Foamy bath and message in a bottle

Prepare a bath full of foam so you can’t see the water anymore.  Put a message in a bottle and slip it under the foam.  When entering the bath your partner will find the message in the bottle.

Under the window Blinds or Curtains

When your partner opens the blinds or curtains in the morning the message reveals itself.  Great for a message to wish a good day.  Prepare this the night before you go to bed and close the curtains.

In the laptop

This one is great for the hard-working professional.  When he/she opens the laptop at work, a nice message is revealed.




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