How to make Romantic Breakfast in Bed? These tips will make it a big succes

How to make a Romantic Breakfast in Bed?

  • Make yourself comfortable. Be sure you have a tray that is stable and comfortable to be used in bed or use a side table. Spilling coffee, fresh orange juice or sticky jam in your bed is not a pleasant experience.
  • Enough cushions for back support when you sit up
  • Bring everything upstairs before you open the bedroom door to maximise the surprise effect
  • Prepare, make a short checklist of the things you need.  It can be a real mood breaker if you have to leave the bed to get something out to the fridge.
  • Make your food practical to eat, avoid too much preparation in the bed.  It’s unpractical and can make the bed dirty.
  • Make the food visually pleasing. Use colours, fruits are great for that.
  • Wear some sexy bed fashion, not your old pyjamas.
  • Getting your partners coffee right, shows you pay attention
  • Make it personal. Give it that special touch
  • Change the bedsheets, don’t leave this up to your partner.

Make yourself comfortable

Probably the most important thing to look for if you prepare a romantic Breakfast in Bed.  You have to think about comfort. The idea of breakfast in bed may seem romantic, but in reality, it can be really unpractical if you are not well prepared.  Where do you put the plates?  Do you have a solid surface where you can put your drinks? Thinking about these practicalities can make  breakfast in bed a real good experience.

There is no better mood breaker than spilling coffee in bed or finding food on your pillow. Probably in such degree that you will never do it again.

A bed tray for eating is highly recommended to make a romantic breakfast in bed a pleasurable experience.

A bed tray is really a must-have for a pleasurable romantic breakfast experience

Provide sufficient cushions for back support.  Especially if you don’t have a soft headboard.  It’s not comfy to sit up against a wall.

Bring everything upstairs before you open the bedroom door.

This may seem like a small thing, but this can make the difference in the experience.  You don’t want your partner waiting in bed while you get the entire breakfast.  The whole idea is that you enjoy the breakfast in bed together. The moment you walk in the bedroom and surprise your partner is crucial.  It is the moment of surprise that your partner experiences most of the joy.  At that moment, the last thing you want is having to run back to the kitchen and back to the bedroom again. Probably more than once because it will be hard to fit breakfast for 2 people on one tray.  So bring up everything upstairs before you open the bedroom door.  This way you can serve everything quickly and enjoy the moment together.

Make the food practical to eat

Avoid too much preparation of the food in Bed.  It’s just not practical.  Make the food ready to eat. If you still have to spread butter and jam, cut the bread, pour the drinks.  It increases the chance to spill it in the bed, that can really ruin the whole experience of having breakfast in bed.  This is may seem like a small thing, but trust me… really important.

Here are some good ideas for practical foods.

Ready to eat, sunny side up eggs on avocado toast, just have a bite. njammie

This sunny side up eggs on avocado toast is really easy to prepare. Creamy, fast and delicious.

  • Break your eggs very carefully and bake them
  • Prepare the avocado, mash it and add some salt and fresh herbs to taste.
  • Put all of this on a freshly toasted bread.

Another Bite ready idea are these simple toasts.  Putting the eggs, bacon, peanut butter and banana directly on the toast makes it much easier to eat in bed.

By simply putting everything on the toast, makes it much easier to eat in bed.


Use colour for an instant happy mood

Make use of colour to brighten up the mood.  Fruits are great for that.  Especially berries with their bright red colours and exotic fruits can really make that breakfast a little work of art.

Here are some ways to present the fruit.  It’s really easy, try it!

As mentioned above, try to prepare the fruit as much as possible so that is practical to eat in bed.

The bright red and purple berries give your breakfast an instantly romantic feel to it.


Dream about exotic places with these exotic fruit presentation

Think outside the plate

Mason jars are not only a very creative way to present your food. It can also be very practical because you can prepare your food the night before. Even close them off for transportation to the bedroom.

Breakfast in a mason jar is not only very hipster,  it is also very practical.

You can use the following ingredients for your mason jar breakfast:

  • Yoghurt
  • Granola
  • Berries & fruits
  • oatmeal
  • chia seeds (chia pudding when you soak them overnight)

Smoothy your partner with love

Smoothy bowls are the thing right now and with good reason. They look awesome, very delicious and nutritious. But maybe above all very practical to eat in bed.  Just spoon it out.  No crumbs or sticky jams.

There are a lot of combinations with smoothy bowls, we suggest using red coloured fruits as dressing. Ads to the romantic feel

An example smoothy bowl (you can make a lot of variations)

  • 1 cup of frozen berries
  • 1 banana
  • 1 cup of yoghurt

Blend it all up and you have your base.  Then you can decorate your smoothy bowl with fruits, nuts, coconut or granola.

Put some flowers on the bed tray

Flowers uplift your mood. Same as bright coloured fruits we talked about above. The smell and colour of flowers stimulates our senses.   Don’t go wild, just that nice thoughtful finishing touch is all it needs.  Can be some flowers from you garden if you have one.  The mere fact that you picked them yourself can get you extra bonus points.

Flowers can give that special touch

Wear some sexy bed fashion

Yes, those warm pyjamas you got from granny last Christmas may be very comfy.  But maybe not the best choice if you want to get the attention of your lover when having breakfast in bed. Keep it sexy but stylish. Think silk robe, fitting top.

Getting the Coffee right is more important than you think

See that you get his/her favourite coffee. Nowadays there are a gazillion ways to prepare coffee.  Take notes when he/she orders coffee or makes it at home.  Why is it important to get that coffee right?  It’s because you paid attention to what he/she likes.  It’s this little thing that shows you care.

Getting your partners coffee right, shows you pay attention

The same thing goes for tea as well of course.

Make it personal

Make it personal, put a smile on your partners face.  Did he/she talk about something he/she loved to eat as a kid? Or put a little message on there with a sticky note.  Make a personalised coffee mug with something funny.  We can inspire you, but it is up to you to find something your partner really likes.

Make a checklist

It may seem like overkill for a romantic breakfast, but make a little checklist on a piece of paper.   I’m speaking of experience, unfortunately.  You and your partner start eating, then you realise you forgot drinks or a knife or whatever.  You were just nicely installed.  You have to put away the bed tray.  Go downstairs, search for the thing you forgot in the kitchen.  By the time you are back in the bedroom, your partner is already halfway breakfast.  Not really romantic, be present, so prepare and don’t forget anything.

You are the desert, but it’s optional

It is very likely that there will be lovemaking if you organise breakfast in bed.  However, don’t expect it.  Never expect something back if you do something romantic for your partner.  When you expect something in return each time you do something for your partner it will have the opposite effect.  Just enjoy your time and see what comes.

Change the bedsheets for your partner

Something that is often forgotten.

When you organise breakfast in bed. Also be considerate of the possible work afterwards.  For hygienic reasons, it is highly recommended to change the bedsheets.  Do this spontaneously as well as the organiser.  You may have had good intentions to organise breakfast in bed, but if that brings in more chores for your partner afterwards, it can have a bitter aftertaste.  Just do this small last effort to make your breakfast in bed a real success.  Extra bonus points if you wash the sheets as well.

What to do after a Breakfast in Bed?

This can be that little extra that can make your breakfast in bed really unforgettable.  As you are coming out of bed, you are probably not washed.  So what better way to follow up the breakfast in bed with a romantic bath or a shower together.  The key again is preparation.

Make the bathroom a little darker.  Put some candles ready around the bath, have some nice scenting oils or bath soaps.  Put on some relaxing music.

If you don’t have a bath, then showering together can be a nice experience too. Wash each other’s hair and enjoy a relaxing head massage.


Organising a Romantic Breakfast in bed is be a great start of the day together.  To make it a success you want to pay attention to the details.  With this practical guide, it should be a great experience.  Wishing you all the love in the world.


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