How to Organise a Japanese Date Night?

We are huge sushi fans. We eat sushi often. So on our at home date night we like to make it extra special. Organising a Japanese themed date night is really easy and a great activity for sushi-loving couples.

Create a Japanese Tea House in your Living room

Creating a Japanese Tea house in your living room is really easy.  Find a low table, your coffee table is great for that. If you don’t have a low table. Find yourself a box or some blocks and put a board on it.  Cover it with a tablecloth and you have yourself a low Japanese style table.

Now just put some cushions on the floor around the table and you have yourself a Japanese styled Tea House.

Set the mood with Japanese paper lights

No better way to set the mood than with lighting.  Japanese paper lights are ridiculously cheap and bring an instant Japanese mood. Ideal for your Japanese night.  You can fold them away and use them several times. Here is a good supplier for Japanese paper lanterns for less then 2$ a piece.

Cheap Japanese paper lights are ideal to set the mood for your Japanese themed date night

Make Sushi

Of course, you can buy some Sushi or order in.  But making sushi yourself is a great date night activity and not that difficult to do. It’s best to start with a complete sushi kit. It contains everything you need with instructions on how to actually make sushi.
You will need to buy fresh seafood like Salmon, Tuna, Crab and salmon eggs.  Cucumbers and avocados are great for sushi.

Here is a great video on how to make sushi at home.

Make some heart shaped sushi

By making your sushi in an atypical shape like a heart, can put a smile on your partners face.  There is an easy way and a harder way to make heart shaped sushi.
The easy way is by using a heart-shaped cookie cutter where cut the shape out of the avocado or fish and put it on sushi roll.  The harder way is by rolling your sushi roll in a heart shaped roll.

Pour some Saké

Saké is the typical Japanese spirit made from rice.  Even if you don’t drink alcohol, like me you can fill your Saké set with water. It’s just that little extra touch that makes it a cool experience.

Perform a Matcha Tea Ceremony

A tea ceremony is a very relaxing experience.  Great to plan after your meal.  The traditional Japanese Tea ceremony is done with Matcha tea.  Not your everyday tea.  It is powder from the finest tea leaves. To get started it’s best to get a complete Matcha tea set.  If you never tried Matcha tea, it is highly recommended.  It’s a bit bitter and nice and foamy.  Some people call it the cappuccino of teas.

Japanese dress code

The Kimono is the traditional clothing in Japan. Nowadays you can find Kimonos under 10$. Not a big investment for a nice Japanese style night.

Put on this Japanese music



Try Nyotaimori or “body sushi”

Nyotaimori or “body sushi” is where you eat sushi or sashimi from a naked body.  Traditionally a woman, but you can switch things up of course.  The tricky part is to surprise your partner, without laying there too long.  Could start to smell a bit “fishy” lol.  If you can pull it off in fun way this is a real winner.

Try typical Japanese Aphrodisiacs

A food tasting of typical Japanese Aphrodisiacs is also a really cool thing to do on your Japanese date night.  Some of these foods you and your partner will never have tasted before.  So it’s a really cool experience to go beyond the traditional Sushi.


You probably heard about the benefits of the Gingko Biloba root.  But did you know this plant has fruits too?
It has been used as an aphrodisiac for hundreds of years in Japan.  The benefit in eating Gingko Nuts is found in the improvement in blood circulation to the organs, including reproductive organs. It relieves stress and tension, uplifts your mood. It’s hard to find Gingko Nuts in your local supermarket, but you can find them online here.

Ginko Biloba Nuts is an Aphrodisiac used for hundreds of years in Japan


Shitake contains a lot of Zinc which can explain the reputation for improving the production of testosterone in men.


FUGU is a poisonous Japanese pufferfish. It’s poison is extremely dangerous. The poison of 1 fish can kill 30 adults. So you really want it prepared by an experienced sushi chef. If you can find a sushi restaurant that has it, it’s really worth to try it.  Fugu is extremely expensive though.  The effect of eating Fugu is a bit numbing but has the reputation of being a strong aphrodisiac.


Eel is a much more available and affordable well known Japanese aphrodisiac.  Japanese woman have been preparing eel for their husbands for many centuries to get the passion flame burning.


These are all Japanese root vegetables.  In many cultures, root vegetables are associated with improved male performance.  Maybe because of the shape of the vegetable, but they are also very high in Vitamin A which are necessary for hormone production.

Crack a Fortune Cookie

Fortune cookies are often thought to be of Chinese origin because nowadays they are given mostly in Chinese restaurants.  However, the origin of the fortune cookie is found in the Japanese tea cakes.

Japanese Face Massage

Face massages have a long tradition in Japan.  Just like your feet, there are a lot of reflex points on the face that are linked to other parts of your body.  A massage is always a great idea and has many benefits in a relationship.  It builds connection and relaxes your partner.

The nice thing about a face massage is that it can be done even if you are just starting to date. It is not as intimate as a full body massage, but a great opportunity to start exploring each other in a comfortable way. Be sure to use a good oil so there is no friction with the sensitive skin of the face.

Here is a short introduction video of a facial massage.  You can find plenty on youtube. However it is not that hard to do.  You will get the hang of it really fast.

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