How to organize a Greek Date Night

We have a lot of fun organizing these thematic date nights at home.  When we have sushi, we make it a Japanese date night, or Italian date night with pizza.  That little effort makes these nights extra special. It’s been so much fun we have been actively searching for other easy to organize thematic date nights.

While we were planning to visit the beautiful island of Santorini in Greece, we thought it would be a great idea to organise a Greek date night.

Have an Ouzo as an aperitif

Ouzo is a typical Greek dry anise-flavoured aperitif. A little warning though it is an acquired taste.  But hey, what better way to experience a country then thru its local drinks.

Typical Greek appetizers


Dolmades are stuffed grape leaves.  Has a very special taste.  Can be hard to find these.  You will probably have to get them in a shop that sells Mediterranean specialities.

Feta and olives

Feta cheese and olives are better known Greek appetizers.  You can find these in most grocery stores.

Typical Greek Main Dishes

Greece has some very particular dishes.  For our at-home dates, we particularly love one dish.  And that is Moussaka because you can easily prepare beforehand.  So when you have your date you don’t have to be in the kitchen all the time.  You just pop it in the oven and you can enjoy your time together.


Smashing Plates

It is a Greek tradition to smash plates or glasses. Mostly done at weddings and big festivities. It is done during a dance that is guided with uplifting music. At the end of the dance, the participants smash the plates in the middle of the circle.  Just find some old or damaged plates and let yourself go!

There are many explanations for the origin of this tradition.  At Romantify we tend to believe in the most romantic explanation. If two lovers were separated they broke a plate in two.  Each keeping one half of the plate.  This way they could always recognise each other by matching the two halves.

Today you can recognise the origin of this tradition in some Greek jewellery.

Watch a Greek-themed movie

Of course, the most well known is:

  • My Big Fat Greek Wedding (Romantic Comedy)
  • 300 (Action/fiction movie from ancient Greece)
  • Zorba the Greek (is a classic from 1964)


Toga party for two

Wrap some bedsheets around you and pretend you are in Ancient Greece. This light clothing may be the thing you need to get into the right mood.

Greek wine tasting

Greece has a lot of fine wines.  If you both like wine, do a Greek wine tasting.

Feed each other grapes

Lay down at the table like in ancient Greece and let yourself be served some sweet grapes.

Plan a trip to Greece

We often combine thematic date nights with travel plans. The trip doesn’t have to take place right away, but it is nice to be able to dream and long for a new vacation.



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