How to organize a Mexican Date Night at home

Ola! On popular demand, we wanted to create more themed at-home date night inspiration.

We love Mexican food so much, that a Mexican themed date night could not be missed from our date at home series.

Here are some fun and inspiring ideas for your Mexican data night.

Make a Pinata yourself 

There are plenty of pinatas you can find online, however, it’s so much more fun to make one yourself and it is really easy to do.

What you need:

  • A balloon
  • old newspaper
  • flour
  • decorative material (colourful paper or some paint)

Here is what you do:

  1. Inflate the balloon
  2. make a paste with water and the flour
  3. soak pieces of the newspaper in the paste and cover the balloon
  4. 3 layers of newspaper should do it
  5. let dry

You can make the pinata together, however, it does take a couple of hours to dry.  So you Can’t use it immediately.

Decoration can be done with some colourful paper or some paint. Try to make the decoration a personal.

The filling of the pinata is where romantic magic happens! Here is your opportunity to be very creative.  Some examples: fill the pinata with your partners’ favourite childhood candies, some sexy lingerie (for yourself or your partner), a surprise trip to Mexico maybe? Or maybe even some things for later that night after you both had a bit too much tequila…

Tequila Tasting

That brings us automatically to our next Mexican date night activity. Tequila is without a doubt the most popular drink in Mexico. Don’t drink too much though, it is a strong beverage. But some tequila may loosen up the mood. Be sure to have some nachos with some salsa or guacamole around.

There are many different kinds of Tequila. One of the most trending one right now is the tequila from Dwane “The Rock” Jhonson called Teremana.

Taco Tasting game

If you are not into alcohol, the Taco Tasting game is a great alternative. Making tacos is really easy. You both make a series of tacos yourself. Then do blind tastings and guess the ingredients used.

It’s really fun to use fresh herbs for this, different seasonings for the meat, or different guacamole preparations.  You may discover some hidden taco skills in your partner

It’s time for some Mexican playtime

Dominos game

Dominos is the most played tabletop game Mexico. You see people playing it on the streets. The good thing is simple to make the blocks yourself if you don’t want to invest in a dominos game. You simply take pieces of cardboard and draw the numbers in dots on them.

The rules for dominos are really simple and fast to learn. We won’t go into the rules here, but you can find the rules for Dominos here on Wikipedia.

In case you want some more action:

Play the Taco Wars

Imagine Mexican knights doing a swordfight.  That is kind of how Taco wars look like. You both take a big wooden spoon and hang a taco shell over it. Then you try to break each others’ taco or make it fall. The one that falls first loses.

Mexican movie night

Plenty of good Mexican themed movies to choose from in every genre.

From Romantic comedies to thrillers playing out in some deserted Mexican mining town.

Some of our Mexican movie recommendations:

  • Fools rush in (Romantic comedy with Salma Hayek and Matthew Perry)
  • Frida (Biography of Artist Frida in a Mexico of 1920)
  • El Mariachi (If you want some more action)
  • The Mexican (is a romantic adventure movie set in Mexico)


How to create a Mexican setting for your date night?

Lighting is always crucial to set the mood. Some Mexican style candlelight holders is a very affordable way to create the desired atmosphere.

These Mexican style blankets don’t break the bank either and can really bring that Mexican atmosphere

Mexican Music

Music is your second friend to create the mood. Here is a good selection of some uplifting traditional Mexican music:

Mexico has a very broad range of music to choose from. There are the traditional mariachis, or you can go for some chill Mexican house music played on the beaches of Tulum.

Mexican Food for your date night

The food will probably be the most important aspect of your Mexican date night, besides your partner of course

Mexican food is simply delicious. Here are some useful tips.

Chili con Carne ( or sin Carne for vegetarians) the practical solution.

A lot of people with small kids or babies that have to date at home, it is best to have a flexible solution to eat. Chilli can just stay on the stove on low heating to be served when needed.  Really the most practical solution.  You can also prepare the Chili the day before, so if you want to enjoy your date the next day, you do not need to cook anymore.

Sharing food, Tacos or wraps

Tacos or wraps are really fun to do on a date at home.  You just put all the pots on the table and you just start to make your tacos or wraps yourself. Tacos are not always easy to eat and can result in some really hilarious scenarios.

A little dance to digest all that good Mexican food

Put up a little salsa music dance the night away.  Here is a good beginners instructions video.

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