How to organize an Arabian Date Night?

Set the mood with Morrocan Candle Lanterns

Lighting is your best ally in setting a romantic mood. Morrocan candle lanterns let you dream of warm Arabian nights.  They are surprisingly cheap (between 15-20$).  Totally worth the investment because you can reuse them often.  We use ours a lot when we do a date night outdoors as the lanterns keep the wind from blowing out the flame.  You can find really nice Morrocan Candle Lanterns here.

Morrocan Lanterns bring an instant romantic mood to your date night.

Put on some Oriental Lounge Music

Now that you have the lighting in check.  Music is your second tool in your toolbox to set the romantic mood.  There is a large choice of Arabic music. Our absolute favourite kind of music for our Arabic date nights is oriental lounge music.  It has some kind of mysterious feel to it.  Here is one of our favourite youtube channels with oriental lounge music.

Prepare a Tagine

If you are organising an Arabian Date Night, it is almost impossible to do so without a Tagine.  Most traditional Morrocan cooking is done in a Tagines.

The specific shape of the pot keeps the aromas and juices in the food.  If you open the tajine on the table, there is an explosion of smells.

A lot of herbs can be used in a Tajine. However, one of the most popular is Raz El Hanout.

Raz el Hanout is a mix of herbs.  It can consist of almost 12 different herbs.  The smell of this herbal mix will put your whole house in an Arabian atmosphere.

You can find a good selection of tajines cooking pots here.

Have a fresh Mint Tea

A tradition in the Middle East to have fresh mint tea after dinner.   Mint helps with digestion after your tagine.  It’s nice to continue your conversation while sipping on your herbal infuse.

Massage with Morrocan Argan Oil

Argan oil is also often referred to as Morrocan oil. A massage is always a good idea for date night.

You can find good Morrocan Argan oil here

Give each other Matching Temporary Henna Tattoo

Give each other matching temporary henna tattoos, a great intimate date night idea.

Henna tattoos are traditionally used for weddings and good luck in a lot of Arabian countries and India.


A little warning first, a traditional black henna tattoo is visible 2 to 4 weeks or sometimes longer depending on how fast your skin exfoliates. It’s best to get a complete henna tattoo kit so you get everything you need with the appropriate instructions.

If you don’t want to worry about the tattoo being there for a couple of weeks, then use white henna.  White henna doesn’t colour the skin, it just lays on top of it. You can easily wash it off.

Share a Shisha

This one is not for everyone if you are very health conscious, but can be a fun and bonding experience. The shisha is the traditional Arabian waterpipe.  Usually used with fruit flavoured tobacco.

Get a Shisha kit so you are sure to have everything you need.

Play a typical Arabian Boardgame

Tawla, better known as Backgammon is a board game that has been played for centuries in the Middle East.

1001 Arabian nights

One of the wives of the sultan was sentenced to death.  However, she was able to postpone her execution for 1001 nights because she was able to tell stories and fascinate the sultan.  Eventually, he saved her life.

Arabian Nights is a fascinating book.  Read each other stories from the book or watch a documentary about it. This ancient story is full of romance.


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