How to organize an Italian Date Night?

Italy speaks to the imagination when it comes to romance.  We love to do an Italian date night at our place.  We noticed that just ordering in Pizza and eating it in front of the TV became a bit of routine. It was not really a special experience we had as a couple.  Just by putting in some creativity, these at-home date nights became real memorable experiences.  Here are some of our ideas we tried and loved, hope you like’em.

Pick up your “Amore” with an Italian Vespa Scooter

Pick your lover up with an Italian Scooter at work or when he/she is with friends.  That little public display of romance shows you mean serious business when it comes to love.

Maybe you have a friend whose Piaggio scooter you can lend.  Renting an Italian Vespa won’t break the bank either.  A great website to find Vespa rentals is EagleRider in the US and Rental Motorbike for the rest of the world.

You can drive home and continue your Italian Date Night there. Another idea may be to put a picnic blanket and an Italian wine in the storage compartment under the saddle of the Vespa and pick up a pizza. After eating you can cruizing around with your Vespa and see the sunset from a nice location.

Italian Date Night decoration ideas

Putting up some Italian themed decoration can set the mood for the rest of the night. Here are some ideas.

  • Put a candle in an empty wine bottle. This is something you often see in Italy. Cheap and brings that instant Italian atmosphere.
  • You need that typical white/red checkered Italian tablecloth.  
  • Put some Grissini on the table. Grissini is the typical Italian breadstick.  Most Italians eat them like that, just dry.  Personally, I prefer to dip them in some pesto
  • Put on a fireplace video on your TV or computer (if you don’t have a real fireplace of course)

Here is a good fireplace video (put it on fullscreen (icon on the bottom right of the video))

Italian Date Night Activities

  • Make your own pizza.  It’s really not that hard to do.  You can find pizza dough mixes and fully prepared dough here.  If your partner eats gluten-free, is vegan or practices any particular lifestyle. It’s a great opportunity to show your interest here by having pizza ingredients that match your partner’s diet.
  • Do the stuffed pasta guessing game. Making your own stuffed pasta is already a fun thing to do.  You can be super creative what you put in there. Different cheeses, different pestos, meats, seafood and vegetables.
  • Learn some Italian words.  Maybe even some Italian dirty talk. Yes, google translate knows them 😉
  • Lick an Italian Gelato.
  • Watch an Italian themed movie (we have some suggestions further in the article)
  • Plan a trip to Italy.  What places would you visit? Venice? Rome?
  • Do an Italian Wine tasting
Some fun games with Pasta

The nice thing about these pasta games is that you can do it spontaneously while you are cooking pasta. We actually invented some on the go. Good choice if you are both a bit competitive.

  • Pasta game number 1: You will need two types of pasta. Regular spaghetti and “penne rigate“.  You put 5 penne rigate on the edge of a table for each person.  You both take an uncooked spaghetti in your mouth.  The one who can rig the 5 penne rigate on the spaghetti wins.
  • Pasta game number 2: Pasta ice-hockey; stick 2 cups with some tape to the edge of the table.  Then slide pasta over the table like a hockey puck.  Who gets 5 pasta in their cup first wins.  (The pasta that fall on the ground you can still eat, you boil them anyway)
  • Pasta game number 3: Spaghetti bullseye: You will need a smooth vertical surface for this that you can easily clean. This can be a window, fridge, laminated cabinet or wall with tiles. You will also need some freshly boiled spaghetti.  Italian chefs are known to throw a spaghetti string against the wall to see if it sticks and is well cooked.
  • Pasta game number 4: put spaghetti on a pot. On the spaghetti, you put an object. In turns, you have to pull one spaghetti from the object.  When the object falls in the pot, persons turn is was losses.

What Italian Date Night Music should I put on? 

When it comes to Italian Music for your date night you have some options as the Italian repertoire is quite big.

  • Italy has a large number of classical music composers. There is the famous Italian composer Antonio Vivaldi. But also Paganini, Verdi and many others.  Can be a nice idea to discover these masterpieces together and compose a little playlist.
  • Luciano Pavarotti and Andrea Bocelli are undoubtedly the most famous Italian opera singers.  You have to be into this kind of music for your date, but you will probably recognise some songs.
    Can be great fun to do an Italian Karaoke, even more fun if you both don’t speak a word Italian.  You can find Karaoke versions of Andrea Bocelli’s “Conte partirooo” on Youtube among many other Italian classics.
  • And of course, a search for “Romantic Italian love songs” on youtube will give you a large choice of course. Laura Pausini is one of the favourites.

What are some good Italian Date Night Movies?

  • Italian Job (if you want some action instead of a romantic movie)
  • Letters to Juliet
  • Under the Tuscan Sun
  • To Rome with Love
  • La Dolce Vita (a classic from 1960)
  • Cinema Paradiso (1988)

Italian date night recipes

Ok, real-life Italian Date Night story here related to Italian recipes.  Me and my girlfriend had an Italian date night and we made the typical Italian dessert “Tiramisu” which was amazingly good.  Instead of 1 bowl, we ate the whole thing.  Trust me, it was a lot.  All good, but Tiramisu is made with a lot of strong coffee.  We didn’t sleep for an hour that night.  But I can tell you it woke some Italian passion if you know what I mean 😉

For Tiramisu you need:

  1. fresh eggs
  2. mascarpone
  3. espresso
  4. ladyfingers
  5. Some sugar (or Stevia if you want it sugar-free)
  6. a little bit of Amaretto (you can do it without too if you do not like alcohol)
  7. Cocoa powder on top
  • You need 3 egg whites in one bowl and 6 egg yolks in another bowl
  • Add 3 tablespoons of sugar to the egg whites and whip it up with a hand mixer until it has a foam density
  • Add 3 tablespoons of sugar to the bowl with the 6 egg yolks and mix that also with the hand mixer for a couple of minutes
  • Add the mascarpone to the bowl with the egg yolks and mix it with the hand mixer
  • Then gently mix the two bowls together.  Put it together gradually so the egg whites don’t lose their foamy texture.
  • Soak the ladyfinger cookies in some cold espresso with a tablespoon of Amaretto. ( Just a few seconds) otherwise, your tiramisu will be a bit mushy.)
  • Put the soaked ladyfingers on the bottom of a bowl and pour the mixture on.
  • Cover with cacao powder and put in the fridge.

Go and Romantify! Hope this post gave some inspiration. If it did, please Pin it or Share it so other people can Romantify as well!


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