How to take Selfies as a Couple

When you are travelling as a couple it’s not always easy to get nice pictures of the two of you together.

Sure you can ask someone to take a picture, but what do you do when you finally find that hidden beach on that tropical Island and nobody is around?  Here are some techniques that can help you to make the perfect selfie when you don’t have a photographer around.

How to take selfies as a Couple

  • Use the timer function in the camera app
  • Put your heads together
  • Take the selfie from an angle above
  • Look for bright natural light 
  • Get a selfie stick

Use the timer function in the camera app

So many people don’t seem to have found the function in their phones camera settings that delay taking the picture for a few seconds. Especially if you are taking a selfie as a couple you need some more time to position yourself well in the camera frame.

But the timer also opens a lot of possibilities to take selfies where you do not need to hold the camera in your hand.  You can be creative with different poses.

Put your heads together

Tilt your heads towards each other, don’t just take a selfie side by side.  The result will be a much more intimate picture.

Take the selfie from an angle above

The angle from which you take the selfie matters a lot.  You definitely don’t want to take a picture from below as well… you can see the contents of your nose.  You will get the best result from holding the camera

Look for bright natural light

Your selfie is going to look so much better if you are in bright natural light.  If you don’t have a bright light use te flash on your camera settings.

Get a selfie stick

A selfie stick is by far your easiest solution to take a good selfie. I have to admit, I don’t like it either to walk around with a selfie stick like the stereotype tourist.

We have one of these new selfie sticks that totally fold into your phone case, which saves you a lot of carrying space and hassle of connecting that selfie stick.  We can highly recommend to get you one of these if you travel as a couple.
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