Most Romantic Places in Bruges [with secret spots]

I have the privilege to live in Bruges, one of the most romantic cities in the world.  Not only do I want you to show you the must-see touristic spots, but also the hidden gems and give you inspiration for fun things to do when you visit this beautiful city.

Minnewater park

Translated “Minnewater Park” means Love Lake park. It doesn’t get more romantic than this, maybe almost cliché.  The park is full of white swans, old castle gates, an old monastery, horses with chariots everywhere and one cosy terrace after another.

This is a popular spot, so there can be a lot of tourists at some moments.

Close to Minnewater Park, you can find the Beguine. A very nice place to have a little walk in silence.


Pick up some Edible Belgian Chocolate Massage Oil or Lipstick

Belgium is famous for its good chocolate.  There are a lot of chocolate shops in Bruges. But beware, not all shops sell the highest quality Belgian chocolates.  My personal favourites are Piere Marcolini for his very refined chocolates and The Chocolate Line for its creativity.  The owner of “The Chocolate Line” is really a chocolate rockstar.  He literally sniffed cacao with the rolling stones.

I can really advise taking a look at the store of “The Chocolate Line”. The chocolate sculptures in the shop are always pieces of art. Next to the amazing chocolates, they have some really cool chocolate products as well.  Like edible chocolate massage oil or chocolate Lipstick.  Great to take a little taste of Bruge romance back home.

Climb the Belfrey

You will get good exercise climbing the Belfrey, but the view over the city is simply breathtaking and definitely worth it. The old city layout is chaotic and fascinating at the same time.  The geography is absolutely flat, so you can look really far into the horizon.

Snug together under a blanket and enjoy a horse carriage ride

Right under the Belfrey on the marketplace,  you can find the stop of the horse carriages.  The horses are really well cared for, much better than a lot of cities. You get a really good explanation of the cities history during the tour, including fun facts. When the weather is colder, you can snuggle under the blanket.  Highly recommended 🙂

Enjoy a freshly brewed beer in “Half moon Brewery”

If you enjoy a beer, the brewery “Half Moon” is highly recommended. The brewery is very special as it has a beer pipe going straight thru the city of Bruges, really unique.

The Beer wall

Another beer suggestion, yes Belgium is really a beer country.  Although this bar has an extremely large choice of beers, we are recommending it more for the amazing view from their terrace.

Take a Selfie at  the Rozenhoedkaai

Probably one of the most photographed spots in Bruges.  But with good reason. Medieval towers, water, boats, greenery.  It is a magical setting.  It also the place where a lot of the boats start their tours.  Although this can be crowded, it is a recommended activity to do when in Bruges.

Have a picnic in the Astrid Park

There is an amazing authentic little bakery in front of the park, with mouth-watering pastries, croissants and pancakes.  There is also a good butcher and a fresh grocery store that sells salads and fruits.  You can easily compose a little picnic for your taste. Enjoy the beauty of this park.

Have a break at the Almshouses or “Gods houses”

These houses were built by guilds for free to house old people, widows and people in need.  The houses are mostly white and faced towards each other around a garden. Most of these houses are still inhabited by elderly people. It is really quiet in these gardens.  It’s great to have a relaxing moment from visiting the city.

Warm-up with a Hot Chocolate in the “Old Chocolate House”

The Old Chocolate House is famous for its hot chocolate and well it’s accessories.  All set in a very authentic setting.

Design your own candy

Zucchero in Brugges lets you create your own candy. Create candy with your names, of maybe a wedding proposal? Who knows.  But really fun to have a nice experience and a personalised souvenir at the same time.

Have personalised Calligraphy gift

Simbolik is a unique shop where you can buy personalised calligraphed products.  It can start with something very small like a personalized card or a calligraphed stone with your own text. Really a unique store.

The ice skating rink

If you are lucky to visit Bruges around Christmas time you can find a skating rink that is floating on the water.  Whit fairytaile lights and view on a little castle it’s an idyllic setting to skate hand in hand.

And finally… Get lost in the City

Bruges is not that big and is a walled city, so you can’t really get lost. But the nice thing is you can really wander around and discover hidden corners of the city.  After years of living in Bruges, we still discover some small streets and hidden little corners now and then.


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