Organize an Indian Date night at home

India has a very rich culture. Historically Indian culture is filled with romance, think of famous works like the Kamasutra that originated in India. The rich exotic culture combined with great food options is an amazing idea to do an Indian themed at-home date.

Fun Indian activities for your date Night

Do a little Bollywood Dance!

Ok, this one is tested and approved! Have to admit at first it’s a bit awkward to start up a video and getting into the action, but once you get out of your comfort zone and actually start moving to these dance moves, I swear, you can’t do anything else than smile. This is great fun.

Play a Board game from India

A lot of board games we know today originated in India. Boardgames like chess have their origins in India. If you are into it, playing a board game on a date can be a great idea as you can entice some competitiveness and interaction. You can find multiple boardgames from India. We particularly love “Tiger & Goats game”

We like the game because it’s a 2 player game, ideal for a date. Also the gameplay is much different from other strategy games as the player that plays the tiger has fewer pawns than the player with the lambs, so it’s fun to switch sides. The game has simple rules and is free as you can draw the board yourself.

A couples Henna Tattoo

Henna Tattoos are an eastern tradition which you can find from India to the middle east. The nice thing is that a henna tattoo disappears after a few weeks. Putting a henna tattoo on your at home date is a great idea. It’s a combination of being creative together, it’s relaxing and you get to discover each others body.

Depending on how well you know each other, you can get creative with the places you put the henna tattoo. Do take into account, that although henna tattoos are not permanent, they do stay for a couple of weeks. So declaring your love on your forehead with a henna tattoo may not be appreciated by your employer 😀

You can find inspiration in traditional henna tattoos or in these couple tattoos.

We would strongly advise to use a ready to go henna tattoo kit. Messing around with henna powder to make the paste right is not easy and could put a brake on the fun.

Create an Indian atmosphere for your date

You really don’t need to break the bank to create a real Indian atmosphere for your date at home. Some colored candle holders create a really nice lighting in the room. A mandala tapestry is really affordable and have a big visual impact in your room. Then finish your decoration with some typically Indian style cushions. These 3 objects together will really create the setting for your date. You can find these objects here.

Indian Music

To create an Indian atmosphere for your Indian date, music is a must. You have a broad choice here as India has a rich music culture. A little search on Spotify or Youtube will quickly lead you to some Indian lounge music or more traditional music or Indian pop music.

The Sitar is a traditional guitar like instrument. This kind of music is our go-to choice as background music for the date.

What to eat on your Indian Date night

An advise we keep on giving in these date-at-home nights is either you cook together or if you don’t, you want to prepare as much as possible. You don’t want to spend your time in the kitchen alone while your date is waiting.

The great news is that Indian cuisine is fabulous and a lot of the dishes are really suited to prepare in advance. We would advise making an Indian curry, it’s quite easy to make. Curry is also great if you want to prepare in advance. Because of the sauce, it’s easy to heat up and not dry out the dish.

A Kamasutra nighttime story

To close your Indian date it can be fun to look into the original Kamasutra book. A classic that has inspired many. The book is a composition of Indian Art and the art of love making. You can find a copy of the book here.

Enjoy your Indian date night! Please spread the love and romance by sharing on social media or pinning on Pinterest so many other couples can enjoy beautiful moments

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