Romantic at-Home Date Ideas. [The Ultimate List]

There are a lot of date at home lists on the internet.  Unfortunately, these date night lists are not always very creative or into detail how to actually organise the date or frankly just very lame ideas.

The Ultimate Date at Home List

At Romantify, we wanted to make the ultimate date-at-home list.  Not only the most complete, creative, continuously updated and detailed in organisation list. Bookmark or Pin this list, it will continuously get better.

Breakfast in Bed

A classic, but a great way to start a romantic day together. How romantic breakfast in bed may seem, there are a lot of things that can go wrong. We got a whole article explaining in detail how to best organise breakfast in bed

Have a Romantic Bath together

Close the shades of the bathroom, light some candles, put some nice scenting oils in the bathtub, put on some relaxing music. You can wash each other’s hair and enjoy a little head massage.

Japanese date night

Put some cushions on the floor at your low coffee table. To get that feeling you are in Japan.   Search some Japanese background music on Spotify or Youtube.  Pour some Saké or matcha tea. Spice it up by wearing a silk kimono. Or if you want to make it extra spicy, you can be a living buffet of sushi. We got a whole guide on organising a Japanese themed date night. 

Wall Lettering

Do you have a favourite song?  A quote you both like? Then it can be a really cool date idea to paint these words on your wall.  You are making long-lasting memories and you will be amazed by the result.  We have a full guide on how to do wall calligraphy.

DIY date

Creating something functional together is both fun and fulfilling. It will create a lasting memory.  Many options here

Create Art together

Get some clay and make a sculpture together. Buy a canvas and paint and make a painting together.

Follow a dance tutorial on Youtube.  

This is great if you are both a bit timid to dance in public. You are safe in the comforts of your own home.  Can be great fun and laughs with crazy moves.

Garden date

Put a picnic blanket on the grass.

Play a board game

Check our list of Boardgames for couples, especially for a romantic date night.

Watch a documentary on Tantra, the ancient science of lovemaking.

Not suited for a first date, but really nice to put in practice what you learned.  A candlelight setting is recommended.

Put on a couples yoga video and try some of the poses.

Beware, can involve injuries.  Do it at your own risk. See that you make room.

Lend a computer console for an evening. 

This is a bit of a tricky one.  But if you do it right, it can be a great date. Computer games can be an individual experience. If you can get hold of a Nintendo Wii where you need to do physical movements and compete against each other is great.  Other consoles have party games as well.  Choose one of these party games as they have short games you can play against each other.

Watch a movie outside

Wine tasting 

This date can end with some headache in the morning.

Plan a road trip

Get a map and search for special places you want to visit.  The planning, the searching and anticipation for the trip will make the experience of the road trip that much better. Planning your road trip together will make sure you don’t do stuff that you are really not interested in.

Make your own chocolates

Chocolates are an aphrodisiac in itself. The cool thing is that you can let your creativity on the loose. Make all kinds of different fillings and then have a tasting of each other’s creations.

Massage each other

This is a classic. Try to make it special. Get some scented oils that stimulate your senses.  Some essential oils are known to have aphrodisiac effects.

Have a Morrocan date night 

Recreate 1001 nights with Morrocan style candles and lights, have a tajin with some nice Arabic lounge music on the back.  Maybe you can share a shisha if you are into that.

Karaoke night

Search karaoke songs on Youtube.  Have some wigs laying around, maybe some sixties clothes from your parents?  Can make the experience that much cooler.  Oh yeah, keep that camera around for evidence.

Italian date night with homemade pizza

Camp in the living room

Cocktail mixing

Photoshoot date night

A photoshoot date night is super fun AND you make lasting memories.  Be creative, combine it with a themed dinner like the Italian or Moroccan night.  Maybe in the theme of the movie you are watching.  You don’t need a fancy camera either. Today’s smartphones have excellent cameras.  Even special apps that can make your pictures extra special.

Themed dinner-movie

Fan of horror movies? Make some scary-looking food.  Watching Silence of the lambs? Have some Chianti.

Have a Home workout

Swiss Fondue date night

Make a personalised Jigsaw Puzzle together. 

This website allows you to make personalised jigsaw puzzles form your pictures.  Super easy to do and really affordable. So much cooler than buying a puzzle from the store.  Make it extra romantic by announcing a message.  Maybe a surprise trip or some big news.

Outdoor Movie

Either put your TV, or laptop outside.  If you have a projector even better.  Great to combine with an outdoor picnic.

Blind taste test

Blindfold your partner and make it into a little game.  A little competition makes it more fun.

Have a Movie Bingo Night

This is a great concept, combine watching a movie and playing bingo. The game is a free downloadable document you can find on eHarmony.




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